HVSSG-M (Duration 5 days) - Available dates

Weeks Days Fees
1st week Monday Rs.8,795/-
3rd week Monday Rs.8,795/-
Weeks Days Fees Check
1st week Monday Rs.8,795/-
3rd week Monday Rs.8,795/-

* Batch commencement date is subject to student availability, as per DGS guidelines

Boarding & Lodging – Rs. 450/- per day.

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    HVSSG-M Level program is to;

    • Attain the higher competency level in safety awareness and in technical competence.
    • Understand the working of the various specialized components & equipment used in High Voltage installations.
    • Operate, maintain & troubleshoot High Voltage installations safely & efficiently.
    • To understand system layouts and measures to eliminate accident probability on high voltage systems.


    • Marine Engineering officers holding as a minimum,

      A MEO Class IV (FG / NCV) certificate of competency and has completed a minimum of 12 months sea going service as a certificated Engineer Officer of watch; (Or) A MEO Class I/II (FG / NCV) certificate of competency; (Or) A Dredge Grade I/II certificate of competency.

    • Electro-technical officers holding as a minimum,

      A Certificate of Competency as “Electro-Technical Office/ issued by the Govt. of India; (Or) A certificate of course completion, having successfully completed an approved ETO Pre-sea training course and has completed approved seagoing service to be eligible for appearing for ETO Certificate of competency examination; (Or) A record of sea going service of not less than 12 months in the capacity of ETO /Electrical Officer / trainee E/O to be eligible for appearing ETO Certification of Competency Examination.

    Documents Required

    • INDoS Number
    • Photocopy of CDC (with sailing experience)
    •  Photocopy of COC
    •  Photocopy of Valid Passport
    •  Photocopy of Medical Certificate with validity from a DGS approved center


    100% attendance is required for successful completion of the course.

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