The layout of the Academic Block has been designed by taking into account good air circulation, maximising the natural light (thereby reducing power consumptions), wide corridors, reduction of noise levels from the workshops and also provide an aesthetic view.

The CLASSROOMS are spacious, well laid out, equipped with all necessary aids for effective teaching. The academic block houses the SEMINAR HALL, DRAWING HALL for Engineering drawing and CHARTROOM for chartwork practices. Each of these halls are in excess than 2000 sq.ft in size.

The curriculum for the courses demands for well equipped LABORATORIES for each discipline. The various laboratories in the Academic Block are designated as PHYSICS LAB; CHEMISTRY LAB; ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS LAB; HYRAULICS, PNEUMATICS AND REFRIGERATION LAB, SEAMANSHIP LAB & COMPUTER LAB.


Apart from providing textbooks and notes to each student, it is necessary to enhance the knowledge by providing a well stocked library with a wide range of reference books, journals and magazines. The LIBRARY caters for this need and the students are encouraged to use it.

The effect of simulations greatly enhances understanding of concepts. A FULL MISSION BRIDGE SIMULATOR adds tremendous value and is a fantastic tool to impart the Navigation Watchkeeping concepts to the students. Apart from the full mission simulator, a STEERING SIMULATOR is made available to the students for effective steering of a ship.

There is a wide range of machineries used on a merchant vessel. The actual operating and working principles of these machineries are demonstrated effectively through the ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR.

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    There is no substitute for hands on experience. We strongly believe that the students should be exposed to the real marine equipments and should get an opportunity to get to know the “inside” of these equipments. The MARINE LAB has a wide of collection of the shipboard equipments and the faculty ensures that the students get the “feel” of working with these machines.

    The MARINE WORKSHOP is equipped with WELDING STATIONS, GAS CUTTING EQUIPMENT, FABRICATION, BENCH FITTING and LATHE MACHINES. The facility has more than adequate numbers of these equipments to ensure that the students have ready access and maximise usage. The modern seafarer has to a “Jack Of All Trades”. To hone up the carpentry and plumbing skills, the facility is equipped with a CARPENTRY AND PLUMBING SHOP.


    “Need for Speed” is the mantra for fighting emergencies on board a ship. This requires that every seafarer is extremely well trained to fight an emergency. The campus is equipped with a FIRE FIGHTING MOCK UP to simulate and demonstrate fire fighting techniques. The usage of wide range of Fire Fighting Equipments is made available to the students.

    The SWIMMING POOL provides for a simulation ground for launching of survival crafts and demonstration of survival techniques.



    SEAMANSHIP PRACTICESApart from an impressive collection of seamanship equipments in the Seamanship Lab, the students are given hands on experience in safe working practices. The installation of the “SEAMANSHIP BOAT” is ideal for practicing various seamanship techniques.



    The catering is an in-house facility and the trainees are allotted their respective dining halls.


    The campus provides various means to keep the trainees physically fit and entertained. The trainees have an enviable range of sports to choose from. For outdoors, BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, BADMINTON, FOOTBALL and CRICKET are available.

    For indoor games, the trainees have TABLE TENNIS, GYMNASIUM, CARROM and CHESS to choose from. The SWIMMING POOL is available to the trainees at designated times for different batches.

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